Thank yous:

To Chad Taylor for being the inspiration for this site and for giving your all at every Live show!

To my brother Erik for being The Stomping Ground Technical Director. This site wouldn't look half as good without him.

*To Neila, my web partner, for coming up with the idea of making websites and for helping me out with the site whenever I need it. 

*To Bob for helping me out with the Gear section.

*And to all the fans who have contributed pictures and other wonderful things to this site. This site is made for you the fans!

*The Intro to this site was created by a fellow Live fan Manuela ("Maninu") from Germany.

*The beautiful guitar art used on this site comes from Guitar-Art.

About the Stomping Ground Webmistress:  
My name is Kirsten, I am 25-years-old from Miami, FL, and I have been a Live fan for over 8 years, since shortly after the release of Throwing Copper. However it wasn't until seeing them in concert for the first time in the Summer of 1995 that I became a devoted fan. Nothing brings me the kind of joy and excitement as a Live concert does, and nothing can cure a blue mood like listening to The Distance to Here. Feel free to email me with comments, suggestions or complaints for this site!

Disclaimer: I am not a personal friend of Chad Taylor's. I do not pretend to know everything about him. I am simply a hardcore fan who is devoting some time to create something for a beautiful guitarist and man.