Misha Elbers


According to Misha herself, this picture:

"was taken at the Radio 3FM Studios in Holland when the band was here in August 2001 to promote V. The guys where really enjoying the Dutch beer and Chad T. wanted to have some fun with the fans. So he came out of the studio every once in a while to have a little chad err chat or, so you see, have his picture taken. I already had one taken with me and him at a concert in Gent (Belgium) some years before, but that one turned out to be all blurry. So I asked Chad if it was ok to make a new one. He was totally enthusiastic and before I knew it he pushed me to the wall holding me real tight and having his beer-aroma all over me. After the picture was taken he hugged me once more and said 'God Bless You'. Well, damn, I've never felt more blessed ;)"  

I bet....

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