Amplifiers, etc.


- '65 Blackface Fender Super Reverb - as Chad said, "Buying that Super Reverb changed my life. I got into turning that reverb up all the way, but backing off the guitar volume to create this weird dynamic." - Guitar Player, May 1997.
- Diaz P20 - a little practice amp.
- two Diaz CD100, each one drives a 4x12 cabinet containing 75- and 30-watt vintage Celestion speakers.
- For Leslie effects, Chad uses an old Fender Vibratone amp, with a 50-watt Marshall JPM-1 acting as the preamp.


Chad prefers Dean Markley Blue Steel, .011 through .052 on the Strats, and .010 through .046 on the Les Pauls.

Chad's picks are personalized by Dunlop.