Here are links to some sites related to Chad Taylor, Guitars and +LiVE+.

Guitar Tabs:

Throwing Copper
- You can find guitar tabs for nearly every Live song by Patrick Johnston. There are 2 pages, the second has tabs that are redone to perfection! Very impressive!
Guitar Tab Universe
- Here is a list of available Live guitar and some bass tabs from this site.

Some cool places on the internet related to Vintage Guitars and Guitar Buying/Collecting:

*Lots of information about
Buying and Selling Vintage Guitars.
*Then you can actually buy or sell a guitar at!
*View guitar collections of some
Rock Stars.
*Have a guitar collection you want to show off? Go to
Rob Wesley Guitar Collection
Official Fender Site
*Official Gibson Site
*Official Takamine Site (Ed K. is mentioned in their Artists section)
Official Dobro Site

Friends of Live, the Official Live website.

Only website dedicated to Adam Erick and the Weight.

A site dedicated to Ed Kowalczyk.

The Live Lounge

A great Live resource. I especially like the mailing list and the new discussion board.

Patrick Dahlheimer Online

An awesome site dedicated to Live's bassist.

A lot of information on Live's drummer. It is currently not up to date, but still has a lot of great stuff.

A great place to get mp3 and video downloads!

Live Discussion

A really nice comprehensive Live page with basically everything!

The +Live+ Ring

A web ring with loads of Live sites.

Where Fishes Go

In a word, whoa! I wish I had discovered this site sooner.

Films Of LIVE

A Live site where you can find cool winamp skins and wallpapers and other great stuff.

The Edify Board

A place to talk about Live's frontman Ed K.

Live From the Road
Audio and Video clips

Two amazing places to find a whole bunch of old audio and video downloads