IRC Chat live from Hershey Park -- July 21st, 1995

These are excerpts from the chat:

(LiveOper) *Ulice* Chad T, what kind of music do you enjoy?
(ChadT) Rock and roll, it's a good thing
(LiveOper) *kaaa* what were some of yer previous jobs? and didya like 'em?
(ChadT) I always worked in kitchens no I didn't like them -over
(LiveOper) *kaaa* do you like sports and if so, which ones?
(ChadT) basketball!!!
(LiveOper) *logik* What made you guys get together a band?
(ChadT) We did it out of boredom!
(LiveOper) Ok, this is from many people: any plans on releasing Death of a Dictionary?
(ChadT) Sometimes in the future Live is going to have a box set of the Death of a Dictionary
(LiveOper) *WW* what song do you love to play the most live?
(ChadT) White, Discussion!
(LiveOper) *Anuj* What direction do you think your music will take for the next album?
(ChadT) both kinds of music country and western!
(LiveOper) *jaguarr* This is a question for the whole band. I was wondering what sort of creative process occurs during songwriting. What steps, if any, do you take as a band to stimulate that process, also?
(ChadT) coffee plays an important role, beer, cigars! and more coffee!
(LiveOper) *Anuj* Chad T., when I met you at the Athens show, you said that you were an analog person. So how did they get you on this IRC thing?
(ChadT) just know that I'm not actually typing :-) haha
(LiveOper) *Abby* Why'd you make two videos for White, Discussion?
(ChadT) the first video for WD was not a single the second one was done to promote the single really
(LiveOper) *karin* ChadT are you still working with Solution AD?
(ChadT) No, that project was over a few months ago. I enjoyed it
(LiveOper) *fletch* do you guys really know The Weavers?
(ChadT) no. we didn't
(LiveOper) *Anuj* Is the summer tour the last tour before you guys head into the studio?
(ChadT) yes we expect to be in the studio in late february of next year
(LiveOper) *Emanon* what is the significance of the cover to Four Songs?
(ChadT) I'm still trying to figure that out myself!!
(LiveOper) *karin* ChadT any other bands in the future you'll be working with?
(ChadT) not that I know of right now however I am currently looking for production project
(LiveOper) *Ulice* ChadT Which of the Countries you've toured have you liked the most?
(ChadT) Australia!
(LiveOper) *gayle* I just love you guys... Just curious if you are thinking about doing another unplugged in the future. You guys sound great unplugged!!!! =)
(ChadT) no, that first unplug was the highlight to our career
(LiveOper) *fletch* do any of the other members of the band plan on writing/singing for the next record?
(ChadT) we all write the songs
(LiveOper) *jaguarr* For the whole band: What sort of things that YOU guys did helped to get you signed?
(ChadT) write good songs
(LiveOper) *Digit* Any plans on releasing an unplugged album?
(ChadT) no
(LiveOper) *nipa* Chad Taylor, I heard that U2 influences you guys. Is this true?
(ChadT) definitely in the early days not so much now
(LiveOper) *roach* Chad T., is it exciting being on tour?
(ChadT) depends on the cities we play
(LiveOper) *Ulice* ChadT, What does it feel like to stand there on top of the worl, looking at a wild crowd?
(ChadT) (laughing) do you remember the best sex you've had? :-)


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