Here you will find interviews and articles related to Chad T. I am selecting articles throughout Live's lifespan so that you can get a sense of how Chad's thoughts and attitudes about his music have developed and progressed.


York Daily Record
November 2002
"Lower Profile Feels Better for Live"
Pulse Weekly
November 2002
Chad is interviewed about album 6 and touring.
Lancaster Sunday News
November 2002
Chad talks about Falcon Jones.
Entertainment House A short interview with Chad about V, translated from German.
Australian Guitar
March 2002
A short interview...  You can view the picture from the magazine here.
Today Australia
January 2002
An interview with Chad about the band's progression of style and making of V, hosted by Neila.
The Age                
December 2001    
Chad does an interview for this Melbourne Newspaper in anticipation of their 2001 Aussie tour. Thanks to Gen for providing the scan.
Out On The Town
Oct/Nov 2001
A review of Live's performance at the Spectrum opening for Jane's Addiction, and Chad talks about V, Adam and Railo. Thanks to Karen Coyne.
Lip Service 
August 2001
An on-line magazine interviewed Chad about the making of V.
Fly Magazine 
July 2001
Chad gets a little personal in this interview done in Chad's hometown before the release of V.
Guitar One Magazine
November, 1999
Read excerpts from this interview where Chad talks about The Distance to Here and gets technical.
MTV News Online  
Oct. 8th, 1999
A report about the theft of Chad's most precious guitar Ruby Lou. 
c. Sept. 1999
Chad talks about what it's like to be the lead guitar player and describes his style.
Guitar Player
May 1997
Chad and Ed talk technical about making Secret Samadhi. From the My Sweet Lord website.
April 1997
Read some info on Chad's equipment, the making of Lakini's Juice, and his musical style.
Live - an interview with Chad Taylor, March 1997 This interview was done shortly before the release of Secret Samadhi. Chad talks about the spiritual process of making music.
Guitar World
February 1997
Talking about Secret Samadhi.
Alternative Guitar
December 1995
Chad explains the process of making Operation Spirit and some Throwing Copper songs.
Sept. 20th, 1995
Members of the SOY mailing list had a chance to submit questions to Chad, from the Spectrum. Particularly interesting for guitar players.
The Music Monthly 
April 1992  
A great article that captures Live's excitement during a time when they were first gaining national recognition. It includes Chad Taylor's father and their account of their first performance at CBGB's in New York.
York Sunday News
August 6, 1989
This article was published shortly after the completion of The Death of a Dictionary.
York Sunday News
April 17, 1988
And in the beginning there was Public Affection... and it was good...


Fun(ny) Stuff.....

Kerrang!, September 29, 2001 - A side of Live we usually don't get to see, in London celebrating the release of V.

Making the Video for "The Dolphin's Cry", August 1999 - In an issue of the official Live newsletter Homespun, Chad chronicles the shooting of this video.

IRC Chat, July 21st, 1995 - From Hershey Park, another chance fans had to ask Chad their questions. I'm not sure how seriously he took them!